One hundred percent, its pronunciation is "Chicken Percent" in Taiwanese.

I remember when I was a child, I passed by the roadside egg cake stall on my way to school, and I was always attracted by the faint aroma. However, due to the family situation, I didn’t have my own pocket money, so I could only sneak a few glances at the egg cake every time I passed by. One day, the egg cake boss called me over and gave me a freshly baked egg cake. At that time, the temperature held in my hand and the aroma that came out still makes me unforgettable. We cherish every "Chicken Percent" emotional connection.



Joining Chicken Percent has seven major advantages.

1. Niche Victory - The first brand of gluten-free egg cake, continuously winning awards
2. Fast Operation - Simple operation, one person can operate
3. Fast Recovery - High profit, fast recovery
4. Strong Training - Complete S.O.P training, operation, training quickly
5. Strong Brand - Literary and artistic high-quality brand, differentiated market identification
6. Strong R&D - Leading R&D technology, continuous development of new products
7. Strong Headquarters - Headquarters team guidance, avoiding becoming a franchise orphan

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Join Chicken Percent and create a vision together
Welcome to join the ranks of Chicken Percent

The vision of the Chicken Percent brand is to provide healthy, delicious, and affordable dining options, and to contribute to the health and sustainable development of society. Use Taiwan’s local rice flour as raw materials to become the world’s leading gluten-free egg cake brand. Our mission is to provide the best gluten-free products and the best customer experience. Our values are to focus on customer needs, respect everyone, embrace change and innovation, and adhere to high quality and sustainable development.


The warmest egg cake!
Chicken Percent gluten-free egg cake!

-ITQI Food Industry Michelin Two-Star
-Won the Agriculture and Food Agency Rice Baking Excellence Award
-National Special Rice Gift Box Silver Award
-Annual Channel theBest Star Product Award
-Chicken100% Taiwan's largest gluten-free chicken egg cake chain

We use Taiwan's local rice as raw material to produce Chicken100% gluten-free rice flour, preserving the deliciousness and nutritional value of Taiwan's local agricultural products, and repeatedly winning domestic and foreign awards and honors. For the concern and contribution to healthy eating and Taiwan's local culture, we integrate health, deliciousness, no burden, and sustainable development into our products. Continue to adhere to the brand spirit, innovate and progress continuously, and aspire to become a leading global health food brand.